Compliments From the King Of Street Trackers

Just got compliments from THE guy that has helped make Street Trackers popular. Richard Pollack of Mule Motorcycle Works in California is known worldwide as the premier Street Tracker builder.

Mule 06.08.10 at 4:16 pm

Ken, after seeing all the psuedo 650 streettrackers on the Internet where most are nothing more than an installation of a seat and Kenny Roberts paintjob, It’s inspiring to see a bike like yours. The more people out there that build bikes like you have, the better. It raises the level of all custom builds! I’m always especially impressed when a builder transforms the look of a bike with subtle changes as opposed to throwing a jillion dollars worth of mismatched parts together. So I’ll be burnin’ the midnight oil to try and outdo you!. The red/black mono-shock 650 that was on here a couple weeks ago is another one that blew my mind. Lots of stock forks, but a totally unique bike! Can’t wait to see your next bike. I’m building a 650 Cafe racer as we speak.

Mule 06.08.10 at 4:17 pm

I meant, “Lots of start parts.” Not lots of stock forks! I was thinking about lunch!! :-)

Ken Fontenot 06.08.10 at 4:53 pm

Thanks Richard! We dont like the cookie cutter approach either…..We actually enjoy doing this kinda stuff so its not a race to see how quick we can build because honestly once your done you always have that empty, “what are we gonna do now” feeling. We appreciate the work you do, because its obvoius, like with us, its a passion and not just a hobby. The red mono-shocker got my attention too! I’ll be looking for pics of your Cafe racer.